The Sonnets Of Tommaso Campanella - To Genoa. Le Ninfe d'Arno.

The nymphs of Arno; Adria's goddess-queen;
Greece, where the Latin banner floated free;
The lands that border on the Syrian sea;
The Euxine, and fair Naples; these have been
Thine, by the right of conquest; these should be
Still thine by empire: Asia's broad demesne,
Afric, America--realms never seen
But by thy venture--all belong to thee.
But thou, thyself not knowing, leavest all
For a poor price to strangers; since thy head
Is weak, albeit thy limbs are stout and good.
Genoa, mistress of the world, recall
Thy soul magnanimous! Nay, be not led
Slave to base gold, thou and thy tameless brood!

The Sonnets Of Tommaso Campanella - To Genoa. by Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni